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Have you ever played the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game? Or maybe you have watched the TV show. Anyway, chances are that you are at least somewhat familiar with the game and its mechanics. In short, the game is about making money by answering a series of questions on several subjects. CrossDaily has issued an electronic version of this game, with the particularity that all the questions refer to Biblical matters.

As in the original game, you need to select your answer to a given question within 30 seconds; if your answer is right, you earn a sum of money that can go from $250 to one million. The winner is the player who earns a million dollars first. The higher the amount of money, the harder the question. If your answer is wrong at any point, you only earn the money of your last correct answer.

You can use several hints: for example, you can zap two of the wrong answers of the list, thus reducing your chance of error. Also, you can consult the Web Poll, showing the percentage of users who consider different options correct. Finally, you can turn to an expert who is, of course, a Biblical character (Abraham, Aron or Adam) who can give you a piece of advice regarding the correct answer.

The demo version has several limitations. For example, the maximum amount of money you can reach is $32,000; also, all the questions refer only to Genesis and Exodus. The full version allows you to create your own question lists, and to add your own questions. You should register for purchasing the full version of the game.

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  • Educational
  • Fun for both children and grownups


  • The demo version has many limitations
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